about us

talk has been serving the needs of financial services organisations since 2002. Based in the cosmopolitan financial centre of Luxembourg, our team counts more than 13 nationalities and speaks more than 16 languages, handling requests from clients spread over several continents and time zones. We handle requests covering a wide range of translation requirements from various financial services companies, cooperating with an extensive global network of linguists and DTP experts specialised in financial content.

talk was quick to establish itself as a major player within the financial translation industry. The language services analyst firm Common Sense Advisory has ranked talk amongst their Top 35 translation companies in Western Europe.

This prominent position was built on our commitment to quality across our organisation through the dedication of talk’s financial translation staff members across all of its departments, whose sole concern is how to best support you. Furthermore, our team of in-house expert linguists consistently applies the best translation practices to our clients’ specific terminological and stylistic preferences. All this is literally at the touch of a button, thanks to the use of state-of-the-art Computer-Aided-Translation (CAT) technology and the creation and upkeep of the necessary linguistic assets (translation databases, glossaries, style guides), without which translation quality, consistency and cost savings (through previous-translation leveraging) would not be possible.


our processes: linguistic expertise and cutting-edge technology

Established primarily as a financial translation company, talk has continuously looked into acquiring cutting-edge technology, making sure that human expertise is enhanced by the benefits of IT tools, with a view to constantly reducing costs for our clients by leveraging previously handled content, but most importantly to guarantee inter- and intra-textual consistency. Our highly skilled linguists are supported throughout the entire two, four or six eye translation principle process by the advanced technology we implement to serve your requirements.

Our fully automated systems will support your needs and always guarantee hassle-free bidirectional and tripartite collaboration between you, us and our pool of linguistic experts. Our front line linguistic asset management software will enable us to carefully analyse your financial documents and offer you advice on how they could best be managed, stored and retrieved in order to not only enable you to make significant savings over time, but to most importantly guarantee consistency between all your documents.

Our world-class Client Services team focuses on offering you a quick turnaround time. This is a major factor in our client satisfaction efforts, and is always combined with extreme care in building up and maintaining accurate linguistic assets. Our automated system will not only assist us in guaranteeing competitive turnaround time deliveries but will also enable you to be in full and constant control of the entire delivery process. Through our fully automated systems, we will provide you with solutions for:

  • automated project creation, quote requests and validations
  • fully secure access to your specific linguistic assets and content
  • collaborative online local/in-country approver reviews
  • real-time project or financial reporting and tracking generation, etc.

Quality and Customer Experience lie at the heart of what we do. Our job does not stop when we have delivered our translation and our aim is to ensure that our clients are always satisfied not only with the quality of our translations, but also with our service. We look forward to receiving and understanding your feedback, allowing us to propose corrective and preventative measures. We have therefore put in place a stringent Client Satisfaction Management process, which allows us to monitor our clients’ satisfaction levels in a responsive, controlled and documented manner and, more importantly, to learn from experience by introducing process improvements and implementing the appropriate preventative measures to avoid reoccurrences.

our values

knowledge drives excellence

  • Excellent human capital recruited based on very strict selection criteria
  • Constant focus on the continuous development and training of our staff
  • Close cooperation with clients active in major financial centres across the world

experience ensures quality

  • Wide range of project types
  • Stringent client feedback management process
  • Diversified client portfolios

dedicated to delivering the best service possible

  • Timely and proactive communication
  • Going the extra mile to make the impossible possible
  • 24/7 project transparency through the client request management portal